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1970: founded as The Tonecutters

2008: reformed as the Sounds of Indiana

2019: featured in Bloom magazine

2019: "Most Improved Chorus" at Spring Convention

2019: first musical group to perform at new community center in Bedford, IN

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Historical Highlights

The "Tonecutters" chorus was originally established in the 1970s as the Bloomington, IN, chapter of the national barbershop society.

In 2008, the Bloomington chapter was reformed as Sounds of Indiana, with a mostly-new membership under the musical direction of Kurt Vogel.


Since then, SoI is proud to list the largest number of chorus appearances at Cardinal District's semiannual convention.

  • 2019 Fall: Columbus, IN

    • M-O-T-H-E-R Parody

    • When the Band Played On

  • 2019 Spring: Columbus, IN

    • Most Improved Chorus

  • 2018

In early 2020, SoI was saddened by the passing of Chuck Kraus, founding member of the Tonecutters, at age 86.  In early 2021, former long-time member Dick Hughes passed at age 90.


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