2022 Board of Directors

President: Andy Fak

Secretary: Nicole Thompson

Treasurer: Bob Thrasher

Marketing VP: Pam Grohman

Membership VP: [vacant]

Music VP: Eric Doades

Other Chorus Leaders

Music Director: Ben Pollack

Historian: Lloyd Schick
Librarian: Ken Grohman

Outreach Coordinator:

     Andy Fak

Digital Media Manager:

     Jim Topp

Who are the Sounds of Indiana?

The "Sounds of Indiana" is an award-winning male chorus consisting of members who reside close to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.  

The chorus sings harmonies predominantly in the barbershop style.  We meet weekly to rehearse a variety of singing and performance skills.  We also take pride in our affiliation with the world's largest singing fraternity, the
Barbershop Harmony Society.  At BHS's Cardinal District Spring 2019 Convention, we were awarded "Most Improved Chorus."

Our music is
fun-filled, "G-rated", family-style entertainment!  In the past, the Sounds of Indiana has supported our community with performances at local hospitals, nursing homes, charity fund raisers, and for various organizations throughout Bloomington and the surrounding counties.

For example, we've performed in a great variety of locations ranging from retirement homes to county fairs, at many churches where we fill in for choirs, and at local elementary and high schools, plus many private venues.

Finally, we give free vocal lessons and music education to all who attend our 7:00 PM Wednesday rehearsals.