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SoI is an award-winning men's barbershop chorus based in Bloomington, Indiana.



SoI is available for performances throughout Bloomington and surrounding locations.

Please email us at


We are always looking
for new talent. Contact us
now for an audition or drop
in on a regular rehearsal.



Valentine's Day 2022

     is on Monday, February 14.  Despite social distancing, you can still say "I love you" by ordering a Virtual Singing Valentine package for $10!

As of March 18, 2020, all chorus rehearsals, activities, and performances are on hold until further notice.

In response to COVID-19 concerns, and in order to protect the health of both our members and our audiences, Sounds of Indiana is following directives from government and healthcare agencies that advise social distancing and limiting larger gatherings of people.

All live performances and events previously scheduled for the remainder of 2020 have been on hold as the chorus Leadership Board continues to monitor this developing situation, considering guidance from both the Cardinal District and Barbershop Harmony Society.

However, we are meeting for alternating live rehearsals (in a large, well-ventilated location on the IU-Bloomington campus) and virtual chapter meetings.  If you are interested in attending either of these activities, please contact us by email for details.

At this time, the Music Team is still planning a fall concert for October 2021, but please continue to check in with us leading up to that season. 
If you are interested in hiring the chorus for a special event later in the year, you are welcome to
contact us by email.  We are also still presenting electronic versions of our Singing Valentines in February and Singing Mother-grams in May!

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